Exceptional eggs, delivered to your door.

The Dalston Egg Shop works directly with farmers to deliver just laid award-winning eggs, direct from the hen to your home.

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Supermarket eggs are great!

Said absolutely nobody, ever.

More commonly you'll find pale yolks, old eggs, whites that run across the pan, and 'mixed' dozens full of tiny eggs.

An exceptional egg is hard to find - so we decided to do something about it.

Introducing the Dalston Egg Shop

We're London's first business dedicated to the supply of excellent eggs for residents.

We operate just like a milkman, except instead of milk, we make regular deliveries of incredibly fresh, high quality, free range eggs to egg lovers in the city - by bicycle.

We work directly with independent farmers of small flocks who produce the kind of eggs you cannot buy off the shelf. We cut out all the 'middle men' and speed the eggs direct from the hen to your door.

How it works

We sell our eggs on subscription.

Simply decide:

1) How many eggs you'd like

2) How frequently you'd like them (delivery every 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks)

Skip deliveries, pause or cancel whenever you need to.

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  • Rich yolks

    The hens' natural diet, and ability to scratch, peck and eat outside, delivers beautiful eggs with rich golden yolks.

  • Long shelf life

    All of our eggs are freshly laid and travel direct from the farm, so you'll get a full 25 to 27 days from the time we deliver.

  • Better welfare

    The hens live in small free range flocks, feed on cereals grown on the farm, and range on green pasture throughout the day.

  • Emission free delivery

    Once in the city, all your eggs will be delivered by emission free cargo bike (despite this being frequently terrifying!).

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy a single delivery, or do you only sell subsciptions?

No, you are more than welcome to buy a single delivery of eggs - but you'll save a little bit buying on subscription.

How flexible are the deliveries? Can I skip when needed?

It's so important that subscriptions are flexible, and ours are exactly that. You'll receive a reminder two days prior to every order, and you can skip a delivery in a couple of clicks.

Am I locked in to anything? What's the minimum commitment?

Nope, there's no 'lock in' or minimum commitment. Shoudl you wish, you can pause or cancel your subscription after the first week.

What if I'm not home when you deliver?

Fear not - we're delivery experts and we do this all the time. We'll always deliver your eggs safely (either stashing them as directed by you, or with a neighbour) and you'll receive a photo showing where they have been left.

Where can I read reviews of your eggs and service?

Customer satisfaction is really important to us, and we've got loads of positive feedback on our eggs, and our service, on Google Maps.

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